Naturopathy + Kinesiology

I want you to understand your own body.

What is your body trying to tell you when you’re not feeling well or not quite right?

Is it emotional, mental, beliefs and perspectives, physical, energetic, or all of the above?

Working together using naturopathy and kinesiology, you will learn how to feel better and live a happy life in the full wonder of wellness.


I’m Georgia the Naturopath, and I’m here to get your health back on track.

With kinesiology, naturopathy, and herbs, we’re going to work together to get you feeling like your old self again.

Maybe even better!

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Here’s a sample list of conditions that I have treated in clinic.

  • Stress – mental, emotional, OCD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and fears.
  • Children – School & learning, behavioural issues, toilet training, immunity, digestion, skin.
  • Women’s Health – fertility, painful periods, hormonal changes.
  • Digestion – upper and lower, heart burn, indigestion, constipation, loose bowel motions, gastro, and gut disturbances.
  • Immunity – acute and chronic, coughs, colds, Ross River, Lyme’s disease.
  • Pain – fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, Ross River, Lyme’s.
  • Injuries – hips, knees, shoulders, back.
  • Skin – eczema, acne, ongoing skin infections.
  • Sleep – insomnia, disrupted sleep, restless sleep, restless legs.

The combination of Naturopathy + Kinesi can address almost anything!


Here’s a bit more information on naturopath, kinesiology and how they work so well together:

Naturopathy + Kinesiology for wellness

I combine the science of naturopathy and the energetic balancing of kinesiology to give you the health results you want.

Putting the two together is like a turbo charge for your health. Here’s why:

1. Naturopathy

Naturopathy is the combination of using herbs, nutritionals, food as medicine, homeopathy, and flower essences to bring the body back into balance.

2. Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the therapy of asking your body where the major stress is using an indicator muscle. The stress is then balanced via the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of the meridians.

3. Naturopathy + Kinesiology

Naturopathy assesses the whole and shows you how to balance.

Kinesiology assesses the whole and does the balance via the meridians.

When I put the two together, I balance the body using kinesiology and mainain the balance with naturopathic recommendations.


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