Greg Sheehy

Hi my name is Greg Sheehy, I am a Psychic/Medium and Medical Intuitive.  For over twenty (20) years I have worked throughout Australia and Europe attending many Spiritual Expos, performing on stage in front of many live audiences as well as extensive Radio experience.  I have also consulted to over 80,000 clients worldwide.

I was born with a powerful and Divine ‘Gift’, which enabled me to connect to people on a deeper spiritual level allowing me to produce amazing accuracy, provide unfettered and profound direction and prediction to thousands of people worldwide in terms of Career, Relationships, Finances, Family, Children, Health and other Core Life issues.

I have also used many other additional talents such as `seeing` into the Aura, Tarot, Photo Readings, Vibrational Palmistry, Scrying (crystal ball reading), Psychometry (personal items) to provide an accuracy and future predictions which has often been described as `daunting` and `scary` by many.

Many of my clients attest to my accuracy and their referrals frequently avail of my abilities to connect with phone, Skype consultations from both local and overseas areas.

Previous to my life transformation, I have worked in the corporate arena fulfilling roles as CEO and other Senior Executive positions dealing with Policy matters, Corporate Direction and Marketing.  I am also tertiary qualified having studied at a Masters degree level and undertook studies in other disciplines.